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Adventure Play Day Camps

Each session of Adventure Play Camp is different, because the kids decide what the day looks like! With craft supplies, access to my trailer full of loose parts, plus all that nature has to offer, the kids are never at a loss of what to do. Your kids are in great hands with playful volunteers and a trained playworker as they design their day and bring their ideas to life! This type of play isn't just fun, it's empowering and essential! Kids take charge of their own successes, failures, and ideas as they learn to navigate tricky situations, solve problems, and listen to their own desires for play!

Programs take place at Walking Stick Adventures, just outside Williamsburg. This space gives us lots of opportunity to interact with the natural world in a beautiful space! Summer camps include all program supplies, snacks available throughout the day, and a t-shirt.

Questions? Check out the FAQs at the bottom of the page, or contact me!


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Monday, July 22 - Ages 3-5 (must be potty trained)

Come see what Adventure Play Day Camp is all about! A great opportunity for your preschooler to try their hand at camp on their own! Try a half-day, or stay all day! We'll have some quiet time around lunch for those who are staying all day.

- Half Day (9-12 or 12:30-3:30) - $30

- Full Day (9-3:30) - $60 - bring a sack lunch

Play All Day!

Tuesday, July 23 - Grades K-6

All play, all day! What this day looks like is up to you! You can build a fort, play in the sand, make a craft, or all of the above! Perfect for those who are experiencing Adventure Play Day Camp for the first time, or anyone!

- 9am-3:30pm, $60 - bring a sack lunch

Let’s Create!

Wednesday, July 24 - Grades 1-6

While every camp gets to craft, extra materials on this day will give more opportunities to create your perfect masterpiece! Let your creativity flow! Craft as long as you’d like, and play however you’d like!

- 9am-3:30pm, $60 - bring a sack lunch

Let’s Get Messy!

Thursday, July 25 - Grades 1-6

Love to get messy? This is the day camp for you! Shaving cream, oobleck, mud, and more - you’ll have the freedom and materials to get as messy as you’d like! While the direction your day takes is still up to you, be ready for a mess!

- 9am-3:30pm, $60 - bring a sack lunch

Teen Hijack!

Friday, July 26 - Grades 7-12

Yes, even our biggest kids need a chance to play! By request from my teen volunteers, this day is just for them and all the other teens out there who want a day of freedom from the rest of the world! Yes, play looks different as a teen, but when you design your day, it’s always just what you need!

- 9am-3:30pm, $60 - bring a sack lunch

Can’t Get Enough!

Monday, July 29 - Thursday, Aug 1 - Grades 1-6

If you never have enough time to build the perfect fort or want to do a multi-day art project, this is exactly what you need! Plan lunch cooked over the fire and a special craft, and truly take charge of our camp space!

- 9am-3:30pm, Mon-Thurs, $210 - Bring a lunch Mon/Tues, lunch is included Wed/Thurs

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What grade do I register for?

The grade your child is entering in the fall. If your child is entering Kindergarten, they can attend the preschool program, or the full day program, depending on their needs. Please ask me if you have questions about which program is the right fit for your child!

Isn't K-6 a wide age range?

When children are creating their own play, age is much less of an issue than it is in adult-structured settings. In fact, many play experts believe that multi-age play is a necessity for children! The children learn from one another and find their role. If your child is concerned about the age range, you can always have them bring a friend their age so they know they have a buddy!

Is this program the right fit for MY child?

If you have any questions or concerns about making Adventure Play Camp work for your child, please reach out to me. My goal is to make this type of play available to ALL children, so if your child has sensory needs, physical limitations, allergies, or anything else that might cause need for accommodations, I will do what I can for you!

What are your qualifications?

I'm a former resident-camp counselor and administrator, certified in first aid and CPR, and a trained Playworker. Playworkers work to prioritize play while weighing the risks and benefits of what they see. Plus, I’m a parent, too!

What happens if it rains?

In a light rain we'll still be outside playing, but we do have indoor shelter options on-site to keep us safe if needed! As a former resident-camp director, I know the importance of having a plan for every situation, and have experience dealing with many! Make sure your child is prepared for the weather, but we will always have the option to head inside if necessary!